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Terms & Conditions- Clevu Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  1. Upon making the payment for the plan that you opt for, Clevu will redirect you to a “Profile Checker” page wherein you will be asked to answer some questions in connection with your profile. It is mandatory for you to provide this information so that it helps the Clevu counselors while they study your case.

  2. You agree to furnish absolutely authentic information to Clevu. In the event that the information provided by you is found to be incorrect, Clevu reserves the right to suspend the provision of its services to you.

  3. Payments made to Clevu and services or plans bought from Clevu are non-transferable to any other individual or entity. However, if you choose to go for a customized service (like a Group Counseling Plan), then the payment may be made by a single individual on the group’s behalf.

  4. We do not offer refunds. Payment once made is not returned. Our services are already very fairly priced so further reductions in prices are not possible.

  5. You will receive a call or an email from the Clevu team within 48 hours from the time that your payment is confirmed. However, in the very rare cases that some technical issues or other emergencies occur at Clevu’s end, if you do not receive such a confirmation, you agree to write to us at info@clevu.com and inform us about the problem.

  6. The Assessment Tests that you choose to take or as asked to take give a detailed analysis of your strengths, potential areas of improvement, opportunities to discover etc. However, the results of the test for the same individual can vary based on multiple attempts on the same day or can vary on separate attempts on different days depending on the prevailing circumstances, the mood and emotions of the individual, the weather, the technical infrastructure etc. Our counselors (who are our service providers operating in a somewhat individual capacity) will guide you depending on the test results but we do not pass an absolute, rigid judgment on an individual’s profile just based on his or her test results.

  7. Your face-to-face counseling sessions (for the Popular and Effective plans) will be set at a mutually convenient date, time and place. You agree to reach the venue at the scheduled date and time.

  8. The venues we choose for our one-to-one counseling sessions (for the Popular and Effective plans) with you are generally upmarket restaurants and cafes, and are therefore of very high quality and safety standards. However, in case of a mishap or a natural disaster taking place at the venue during the time of the counseling session, Clevu doesn’t assume any responsibility whatsoever as these things are beyond our control.

  9. Clevu’s services are unique in the manner in which the counseling is done – with a major focus on empathy and on a holistic approach to understanding the personality of the candidate. Assigning counselors for a particular assignment is the complete prerogative of the management team at Clevu.

  10. Our phone meetings (for the Pocket-Friendly Plan) are generally 30-45 minutes. Our face-to-face counseling sessions are generally 1-2 hours each. However, we are always more than willing to extend the sessions by a bit if you need more time from us. That is, however, contingent upon our counselor’s availability and schedule. The extra time given to you by our counselors should be treated more as an exception rather than a norm.

  11. You may ask for extra tests or counseling sessions to be provided to you beyond the ones that are a part of your purchased Plan. However, there is a cost associated with the same (details of which you can get on the FAQs page or by writing to info@clevu.com ).

  12. We will record information or data that you share with us through different mediums. This data will be the sole property of Clevu and may be used for further analysis by the internal team. Neither we nor our partners will share your personal information with outside agencies or parties with a malicious intent.

  13. Our involvement with you is on an individual basis – much like a client-service provider relationship. We wish to inform you that we are not connected or associated with your employer on matters pertaining to your case.

  14. Clevu is an advisory service, after all. We provide guidance, advice, recommendations, approaches or solutions based on our methodology. We are, however, not responsible for your actions regarding the same. You assume complete responsibility for your actions and agree to not blame Clevu for any untoward incidents connected even remotely to the nature of our services.

  15. Clevu does not guarantee specific results, outcomes or success of any type. Our gamut of services is based on certain scientific and tried-and-tested approaches and come with their own blend of a personalized and customized touch to them.

  16. Prices are subject to change without prior notice and are solely based on the judgment of the Clevu management team.

  17. All matters of dispute are subject to be solved under Pune jurisdiction only.