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If you are based in the fantastic city of Pune – which has rightly earned itself the sobriquet, “Oxford of the East”, – and are distraught or disenchanted with struggles, problems or challenges in your professional life, the Popular Plan is a wonderful offering from Clevu.

Nothing beats the beauty of human interaction, and with the Popular Plan, you get the option of meeting our counselors face-to-face. The manner in which the Popular Plan works is simple. Upon making the payment and submitting the Profile Checker, you get to ask us a question over email. This question could be related to some of your struggles at your workplace or it could just be a thought regarding your professional life that you want to share with us and subsequently start a dialogue. We will respond to your email within 48 hours. Our answer or our response to your email question may not necessarily be the perfect solution to your problem, but it will be pretty elaborate and a good starting point for us to start our counseling with you.

Thereafter, you will get a call or email from us during which you will be offered the option of selecting two tests each from the Technical, Domain, Cognitive and Behavioral categories. It is highly recommended that you select at least 1 test from each category. Once your selection is made, we will send you the links to the tests over email. You can take the tests as per your convenience.

After you finish taking all the tests, you will be receiving a call from us confirming that we have received your test results. Our team, in the interim, will start analyzing your test data and prepare detailed reports of the same. Once our reports are ready, you will receive a call from our team asking you to suggest a suitable time for your meeting with our counselor. The venue and the setting will be informal and comfortable; you will be put to ease from the word “go”. During this interaction, which generally is about 1-2 hours long, you will be able to share your problems in greater detail with the Clevu counselor and they will listen patiently to all your problems without being judgmental. You will be treated with utmost respect and whatever you share with the counselor will be completely confidential. The counselor could offer you some advice on tackling your problem then and there, or if the problem is too complex and requires a little more deliberation, you will be given advice and recommendations after a few days over phone. Some issues related to the professional career may be complicated and readymade or impromptu answers may not always be available.

During this meeting, the counselor will also share the results of the tests you had taken. This will help you understand as to what your strengths are, what are the probable areas of improvement, how could you deal with a specific problem at the workplace, what kind of opportunities lie in front of you and the likes. In short, the entire exercise will help you take the path of self-discovery. You will see a marked difference in your professional approach and attitude once you go through all the stages in the Popular Plan.

And, if that’s not enough, you will get a chance to keep the dialogue on with your counselor and will also benefit from a lifelong relationship with Clevu. Our counselors will keep a track of your progress and you will be surprised by the warmth and kindness with which they will treat you.