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Personalized Counselling

Clevu’s self-assessment tests alone will help you understand yourselves better but only to a limited extent. If you want to understand the subtle nuances of your abilities or your personality, we highly recommend that you talk to one of our counselors.

There are several advantages of seeking personalized counseling from Clevu. First, you get to understand the results of the test in greater detail. Second, if there is something about the test results that you couldn’t comprehend, you can ask questions and you won’t be judged. Third, a personalized counseling session works on a mutually convenient schedule so you are not constrained in any way. Fourth, the Clevu counseling session allows you to ask several follow-up questions, answers to which may not always be obtained instantaneously, but it gives you a chance to continue your association with us for another interaction and gives us the time to ponder over your question and get back to you with more detailed analysis. Fifth, you are put to ease from the word “go” and the counselor is your friend. What’s more? If you are in Pune, you can choose in-person counseling; if you are outside Pune, you can seek counseling over the phone and email. Sixth, and most importantly, your case details are confidential so you can be rest assured that there is complete trust and sincerity in our approach to help you understand yourselves better and make changes to your professional life.

Clevu has its own ways of providing personalized counseling. It’s less didactic. In fact, it facilitates your self-discovery. Our team of experts includes organizational development and behavioral science experts.

In a world where you hear clamor about Artificial Intelligence all the time, a human voice is what you want to hear and a friend or a close confidante is whom you want to empathize with you. Clevu helps you discover a “clever you” – without missing out on the human element.