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Our Methodology & Philosophy

Clevu is committed to the holistic development of a working professional (or someone who is about to enter the workforce).  Our clients are mostly young working professionals who are struggling with certain aspects of their day-to-day work (inability to work in a team; lack of motivation at the workplace; no sense of direction in life; a confused state of mind; inability to know what one is good at etc.) or students who are in the final year of their undergraduate or graduate studies and are looking forward to working in the corporate world (or starting something of their own).

The Clevu team employs a variety of scientific methods to assess the skills of working professionals or graduate students and measure their cognitive abilities. Based on the results of the tests taken by the individuals, the Clevu team carefully analyses each case and provides a detailed report of the same. Furthermore, Clevu uniquely studies the behavioural patterns of an individual that are obtained by administering certain assessments to gauge the psychology of the individual. Some of these frameworks include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Big Five Personality Model. Additionally, certain proprietary methods developed by the Clevu Team are used to understand the personality of the individual – their values, their behaviours, their strengths and, of course, certain aspects of their personality that could be developed further.

Clevu swears by the use of technology to enhance the delivery of services to its clients (both, individuals and corporates) but believes that technology is just an enabler and not a substitute to the human mind. Therefore, Clevu’s strength lies in its ability to reach out to individuals through their team of counsellors. These counsellors are experts in empathising with people and come with a proven track record of being able to help individuals bring about positive changes in their lives and succeed at the workplace, and be happy and content with life in general.

Clevu’s strength lies in the human aspect that it provides in helping individuals learn more about themselves and seek guidance in improving themselves in their professional lives. Considering the fast-paced environments that we find ourselves in today, it is difficult to separate professional lives from personal lives completely or to draw clear demarcations between the two. Therefore, satisfaction in our professional lives spills onto our personal lives, thereby leading to overall happiness.


You are welcome to reach out to the Clevu team as and when you like.

The skill assessments and advice offered by Clevu are not cookie-cutter solutions because each individual’s case of struggles, challenges and frustrations in the professional life is different. Since our solutions are tailor-made to suit each individual’s situation, the advice we might offer may not be easily available on the internet. The advice and recommendations are more personal.

Each individual’s case is treated with utmost care and respect. The Clevu team promises to not just give recommendations on what you can do better to improve your professional lives but to be there on the journey that will make your professional life more joyous. And that too – at a relatively nominal cost.