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INR 8000

INR 6000

We believe in helping professionals with a path to “self-discovery”. But this is no simple task. Considering the variety and the number of problems that young and experienced professionals face in the corporate world, it takes a lot of effort and a considerable amount of time to help individuals realize that they can transform their lives and derive happiness and satisfaction in the professional world. The approach that the Clevu team uses is scientific, detailed and tried-and-tested.

Since our jobs and our careers constitute a significant amount of our lifetimes, it is imperative that we see ourselves transforming into more productive, skilled, clever and happier individuals.

The Effective Plan offered by Clevu contains all the benefits of the Popular Plan, but over a much longer or extended period of time. That means, you get – not one, but three – meetings with our counselors. Thus, our counselors are in a better position to listen to more problems of yours, analyze your problems in greater depth and offer you advice and recommendations that will help you become better versions of yourselves.

Upon making the payment and completing the Profile Checker, our team will reach out to you over phone or email and you will be asked to take at least 1 Technical Test and 1 Domain Test. This will be followed by your 1st meeting with our counselor. In this meeting, you will open your heart out to them and tell them about your problems, struggles or challenges in your professional life. Our counselors will give you a patient hearing and share the results of the tests that you have taken. They will also employ some proprietary methods to understand your inner self – through your values, beliefs, philosophies in life. Next, someone from our team will reach out to you over the phone or email and ask you to take the 2nd Technical and Domain tests along with some Cognitive and Behavioral tests. This will be followed by a 2nd appointment with Clevu counselors who will give you a detailed analysis of your test results. Discussion on your professional problems and the progress you have made in dealing with them will ensue. In the 3rd month, you will meet with the Clevu counselor again and get a detailed analysis of your personality and skills. This will be your third meeting with your counselor and you will receive important advice on how to take your professional life forward and deal with and overcome the irritants.

Throughout these 3 months, Clevu may also be assisting you with some important aspects of your life such as in writing an application for a new job, polishing your Resume, or applying for higher studies abroad. Your relationship with Clevu will transcend beyond the regular transactional relationships that many coaches, counselors or career advisors have with their clients. For us, you are not a client but a value-seeker at Clevu. And it is in your success and happiness that Clevu will thrive.