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Core Team

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A creative person by nature, Akash believes there is always a better way to do things. His creativity manifests itself in different ways when he essays different roles while steering Clevu to the next level. Akash believes in a technology-driven approach to work and is currently learning different CRM tools to manage customer data. Akash loves to delve deep into technical subjects and is your "go-to-guy" for all the new age apps. 


Akash encourages diversity and inclusion at the workplace and wants to foster a culture of innovation and positive leadership at Clevu. His experience and interactions have led him to believe that a lot of young professionals are untrained to face the complexities of the corporate world and is therefore committed to providing solutions that are easy, yet effective. 


Akash has a bachelor's degree in International Business from University of Pune and has completed a post-graduate program in entrepreneurship with modules in India, China and Spain. Akash has had experience working at the grassroots in some of his family businesses.

Over the years, Indrajeet has interacted with hundreds of students and young professionals who have approached him for help and guidance. His experience has led him to believe that India's young workforce is qualified but inadequately trained and ill-equipped to handle the vagaries of a dynamic work environment. At Clevu, Indrajeet formulates Strategy and chalks out a blueprint for execution at every stage. He spearheads Research, Curriculum Development, Organizational Behavior, Operations and Professional Career Counselling at Clevu. In a world smitten with AI, Indrajeet believes that unlike the matters of the mind, the matters of the heart cannot be mimicked with technology and that only humans can understand humans best.


Indrajeet has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Fidelity Investments and WM Inc., has interned with Chicago Public Schools and has had stints with Big 4 firms such as Deloitte. He has dabbled in entrepreneurship twice with moderate success on both occasions. Indrajeet's leadership experience spans functions such as Operations, Marketing, Strategy and Qualitative Research. 


Indrajeet completed his undergraduate studies in Computer Engineering from University of Pune and subsequently earned his MBA from Case Western Reserve University in the US and a M.Sc. in Behavioral Science from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK. His research has been published by Richard Ivey Publications and is available on Harvard Business Review (HBR).

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