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Clevu Story

The Clevu story might seem like a fortunate stroke of serendipity. It is a story of two individuals with overlapping interests, common beliefs and shared values making a concerted effort to bring about positive and solid changes in the lives of young graduates, job-seekers and professionals through carefully designed programs and interactions that make them not just more employable and successful at the workplace, but also capable of understanding their own selves better and becoming happier.

Akash, the founder of Clevu, was always a very inquisitive kid and was – for as early as he can remember - smitten by the bug of making things better than what they were. When he embarked upon a matchmaking journey to connect corporates with job-seeking candidates and professionals, he realized that merely helping people find jobs won’t suffice and that the perfect candidate for a particular job will have to be sieved from a massive pool of candidates. For that, a scientific approach combined with a humane angle would be needed and considering the size of the Indian talent pool, this was going to be no easy task.

Considering the complexities involved in this task and the operational encumbrances, Akash reached out to Indrajeet and made him an offer to join his core team. Having worked in the corporate world for more than a decade and having managed cross-functional teams in large companies as well as startups, Indrajeet had himself witnessed despondency among India’s large and young workforce and was mulling over starting a private practice that would help individuals understand themselves better and make improvements or changes to their attitudes, approaches, thought processes and perceptions. With his training and interests in behavioural science and organizational behaviour, and a career that spanned various functions and sectors, Indrajeet decided to join Akash on the Clevu journey. What had started off as a client relationship between the two about 5 years ago was about to culminate into a more fruitful association with a common goal – to help young professionals realize their full potential and, subsequently, to help corporates find hidden gems from among the workforce.

Akash and Indrajeet have grand plans for India’s young workforce through their work at Clevu and would welcome queries from individuals and corporates alike.