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Is This You? 

“I don’t like the company culture. My boss is a jerk.”

“There’s ample money I make in my job. But there’s no satisfaction.”

“I’m overworked. I don’t have time for anything else.”

“There’s nobody I can trust. Everybody is so fake and so ‘not-genuine.”

“I had big dreams in my childhood. But my life now is just so boring, predictable and mechanical. All I worry about are my EMIs.”

“There is too much partiality during the appraisal cycle. I feel I am underpaid. I can’t muster enough courage to tell this to my manager.”


Our Services


Product Suite

Pocket Friendly 

INR 500

- 1 Assessment test each from Technical,       Domain, Cognitive and Behavioral fields

- Accessible from anywhere in India


- Flexibility in scheduling counselor call


- Fairly detailed email response to                   career/profession related question


- Highly affordable


INR 2500

INR 1500

- Detailed overview of Self-assessment        Tests


- In-person meeting in informal and              comfortable setting

- Flexibility in scheduling meeting

- Guidance obtained from highly                     experienced and empathetic counselors

- All the benefits of the Pocket-Friendly        Plan


INR 8000

INR 6000

- Benefit of professional guidance over a       3-month period


- Full-stack assessment for a low price;         perhaps the lowest in the world


- No “cookie-cutter” solutions; each case       treated uniquely


- Referral Bonus and other goodies in the       future


- All the benefits of the Popular Plan

Unique Us. Clever You.


Emotional Intelligence

Our connections with you are heart-to-heart. We’re approachable, personable, down-to-earth, easy-going and respectful. We care. We listen. We understand you because we intend to help.

Holistic  Approach

We don’t work 24/7, but we are thinking about you all the time. Our commitment is to help you succeed in your professional lives. We consider several scenarios and look at all aspects of people’s lives to help them bring out the best in themselves.

Self-discovery facilitators

We don’t just tell. We ask. We understand. We help you rediscover a “new you”. We learn from you. You help us grow. We help you grow.


You can tick mark all the attributes that make Clevu a great team: experience, knowledge, qualifications, values and beliefs. But above all, our people are “humans that are passionate about helping others discover themselves”, and are not just a bunch of high-profile resume holders.

Proprietary Methods

Our methodology is an amalgamation of tried-and-tested frameworks and scientific approaches combined with our own carefully devised strategies to help you overcome obstacles in your professional lives.

Value for money

We come with value attached, not just a price. We don’t obsess over the commercials; we are just passionate to make your professional lives better. We hope to forge long-term relationships with you.


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